The Fluid Piano invented by Geoffrey Smith, is internationally acknowledged as a revolutionary musical instrument.

If you can imagine an acoustic piano with no tuning restrictions, a truly international instrument that is not limited to one particular cultural tuning and offers an immense diversity of scales and modes from all around the world, as well as individual ‘bespoke’ tunings: a piano that even gives you the freedom to alter the tuning whilst playing - or simply to remain in standard ‘western’ tuning (twelve note equal temperament) should you wish - then you are half way to imagining The Fluid Piano.

Each Fluid Piano is handcrafted in the UK for every customer.

The Fluid Piano incorporates patented Microtonal Fluid Tuning mechanisms that enable musicians to alter each note individually and separately by precise Microtonal intervals per note before or during performance. 

So after hundreds of years the piano has been liberated from the restrictions of being limited to ‘western’ tuning, to make The Fluid Piano the first 'multicultural’ piano.

All around the world, everywhere, musicians and composers have longed to perform and compose music on the piano using the tunings of their own national cultures. Until now that has been an impractical dream. Now The Fluid Piano is here. 

The Fluid Piano is ideal for all styles of music because of the freedom of expression that it offers to musicians of all cultures.

The Fluid Piano is also invaluable for songwriting and for being able to interact with, and respond to, vocalists in much more detail than was possible with a standard piano. It is also ideal for improvisation, contemporary classical composition, experimental tuning and for exploring the full range of historical tuning temperaments.

Furthermore, The Fluid Piano is a crucial educational resource for enabling and supporting the conservation and continued use of endangered and marginalized cultural tunings in composition and performance around the world.

The creative freedom and massive expansion in artistic choices, expression and dynamic capabilities that The Fluid Piano offers musicians from all cultures is exciting, empowering and liberating.